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4 Dishes to try at a Latin American restaurant

Are you craving Latin food and ready to try something new? Latin America has produced a range of delicious foods that are renowned all over the world. From tacos to ceviche, you have a range of dishes that can please your palate and suit any meal. The next time you venture to your local Latin American eatery, here are some dishes you and your friends should try.

1. Ceviche

If you love seafood and want to try it with a Latin American flair, try an order of ceviche for your appetizer. The dish is prepared by marinating raw fish and other seafood in citrus juice or another ascetic liquid. They also include onions, herbs, and chilies for further flavor. Fish looks similar to how it would be when cooked with heat.

2. Tacos

Who doesn’t love a good taco? One of the great things about tacos is you can literally fill them with just about anything. Of course, some of the best tacos are filled with specially prepared chicken tinge or carne asada beef. Whether you enjoy a flour tortilla or a corn tortilla, you’re about to have a tasty experience when you try tacos at the right Latin restaurant.

3. Margaritas

As you munch on your yummy tacos and seafood, you need something to wash it down. According to The Spirits Business, an international spirits magazine and website, the margarita was first created in 1938. Since its creation, it has been on top of the list of beloved cocktails. So, if you enjoy tequila and citrus, the margarita is for you.

4. Flan

With all the spicy flair that’s a part of Latin American food, sometimes you’ll want something sweet to complete things with. Flan is a baked pastry that has a sweet or savory filling. It’s often made with eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla, sweetened condensed milk, and sometimes caramel. The dessert is often baked in a water bath to create a smooth, creamy texture. It’s popular in Spain and throughout Latin America. If you get it at a restaurant that focuses on Mexican cuisine, it may come with a layer of caramel on top.

As you can see, when you journey to a Latin American restaurant, you won’t be at a loss for choice. Give your palette love with flan, tacos, ceviche, and margaritas. Try these dishes and so many more when you visit our local eatery today.