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In these uncertain times, U.S. men and women can rely on the restaurants Coconut Grove FL residents can’t stop talking about to continue their takeout and delivery services.

Discover some of the best foods in Coconut Grove, FL–and do it without ever leaving home! Here are some of the must-try dishes in the Coconut Grove and Miami, FL areas.

1. Key Lime Pie

It would be remiss to visit South Florida without enjoying one of the region’s favorites: key lime pie. Tangy key lime juice, lime juice zest, sour cream, condensed milk, and graham cracker crust are some of the main ingredients that make up a key lime pie. Even so, no two bakeries’ or restaurants’ key lime pies are quite the same.

Sample the best key lime pies indigenous to South Florida with quality food delivery in Coconut Grove.

2. Plantains

Fried plantains perfectly complement the region’s Cuban cuisine. They make the perfect side or mix-in for rice and beans, meats, and grilled onions and vegetables.

They’re also delicious on their own simply fried as-is or mixed with sugar for a favorite variation, called sweet plantains.

3. The Cuban Sandwich

What is a Cuban sandwich? A Cuban sandwich is a sandwich with ham, pork, cheese, pickles, and mustard. The Cuban sandwich–or Cubano–is grilled and served on Cuban bread. “The essential ingredient is the roasted pork, traditionally marinated in a mojo sauce redolent with orange juice, lime juice, garlic, oregano, and cumin before roasting,” The Spruce writes.

The Cuban sandwich is a staple in South Florida. Restaurant food delivery in Coconut Grove alone will offer several options for trying the iconic sandwich.

4. Ceviche

Ceviche is a pleasantly light and refined dish made out of citrus juices, spice, and raw fish. Combinations may include shrimp, tuna, calamari, and octopus mixed with jalapeños, chile peppers, red onion, avocado, cilantro, and/or lime.

Combining the right fish and citrus juices is an art. With the right combination, the lime or orange juices react with the fish, making it firmer in texture and typically white, fleshy color. In some cases, ceviche may closely resemble the appearance of cooked fish–although it is served fresh and that is not the case (it is not cooked). The South Florida favorite owes its origins to Peru or Ecuador, and it is often served in a deep dish or cup with fresh tortillas on the side.

5. Churros

Churros are a fried dough-like pastry. They are crisp and flaky on the outside and warm and chewy on the inside. The dough is fried and then mixed or shaken in a cinnamon-sugar mixture.

For the perfect dessert and favorite comfort food, pair churros with warm hot fudge or dip them into hot chocolate.

Like appetizers and entrees, traditional desserts like churros, flan, and key lime pie are available for food delivery in Coconut Grove as well.

Your options do not stop there! The best delivery Coconut Grove offers may include other local favorites, such as blue corn chips, guacamole, salsa, and crab cakes.

Just a month or two ago, 34% of U.S. households dined out once a week. Don’t miss out on your favorite restaurant dishes and find some great places to order food in Coconut Grove! There are many places to order food in Conocut Grove, FL. Support local restaurants and businesses by trying the favorites above.