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7 Main ingredients found in Latin American cuisine

Latin American cuisine is known for a variety of flavors and ingredients. And although there are seven main regions for Mexican cuisine, including Central Mexico, the Gulf, the South, the South Pacific Coast, the North, the North Pacific Coast, and the Bajio, most Latin American cuisine contains some of the same key ingredients. So let’s take a look at some common ingredients you may find in dishes at the top Latin restaurants in Miami.


Both tasty and healthy, beans are a staple in a lot of Latin American dishes. Black, red, and pinto beans are usually the beans of choice but they can vary depending on the region. They’re typically stewed, stirred into rice, or refried.


There are several spices used in Latin American cuisine, but cumin is perhaps one of the most important ones. With a powerful flavor that can give any meal an added kick, many dishes wouldn’t be as good without it.


One of the most common starchy foods used in Latin American dishes is rice. It usually serves as a base for dishes but it can also be served by itself mixed with beans and spices.


No Latin American dish is complete without at least a bit of garlic. Fresh garlic can be added to almost any dish and it’s generally used hand-in-hand with plenty of chopped onions for added flavor.


Tomatoes can be used both chopped or as a base. The best Latin American cuisine consists of plenty of fresh vegetables, and tomatoes are a popular choice. A lot of dishes are served with a flavorful tomato base.


One of the most versatile vegetables used in Latin American food is corn. It can be served fresh and grilled on the cob or steamed. It can even be turned into a dough that can then be used to make tortillas or tamales.


While limes may seem like a small addition to a dish, fresh limes squeezed on top can completely change a dish. The lime flavor can add a cool acidity that pairs nicely with the spices of most dishes.

The best Latin American cuisine consists of a wide variety of ingredients and flavors. These ingredients are just a few of the many that you may find in a Latin American dish.