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Celebrating Día de los Muertos: A guide on how to enjoy this holiday with delicious food

Dia de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, is a vibrant and deeply meaningful Mexican holiday that honors deceased loved ones. Unlike the somber tone often associated with death in many cultures, Dia de los Muertos is a joyous celebration of life and a colorful tribute to those who have passed away. Keep reading to explore the traditions and customs of this unique holiday, as well as discover the delicious dishes will be having at Jaguar to celebrate this festivity.

What is Dia de los Muertos?

Day of the Dead is a vibrant and enchanting Mexican celebration that takes place from October 31st to November 2nd, when families come together to honor and remember their departed loved ones. It is believed that during these days, the souls of the deceased return to the living world to enjoy the offerings made in their honor. Detailed ofrendas (altars) are adorned with marigolds, candles, sugar skulls, and the favorite foods and mementos of the deceased.

Streets come alive with colorful papel picado banners fluttering in the breeze, and calacas (skeletons) dressed in fancy attire dance through parades. The scent of incense fills the air, and the taste of sweet sugar calaveras fills your mouth. Dia de los Muertos is a kaleidoscope of emotions, where you can both shed a tear for those who have passed and laugh alongside their cherished memories. It’s a cultural masterpiece, a vibrant blend of life and death, and a reminder that love transcends the boundaries of time and mortality.

How to celebrate this holiday?

To partake in this vibrant holiday, begin by creating an ofrenda, a beautiful altar adorned with candles, skulls, and cherished mementos of your departed loved ones. Gather family and friends to share stories and memories, and don’t forget to dress up in traditional calavera attire, painting your face with intricate designs. Feast on delicious Mexican dishes, such as tamales and pan de muerto, to savor the flavors of the holiday. Attend community events, like parades and art exhibitions, to immerse yourself in the rich culture of this special festivity. Crafting papel picado and marigold paper flowers can be a creative and meditative way to celebrate while enjoying traditional music and dance adding a spirited touch to your festivities.

At Jaguar we celebrate with our classic Mexican dishes!

We love to celebrate important Latin American traditions like this one. Come over and enjoy these classic Mexican dishes to honor your loved ones as well as this beautiful holiday.

  • Chilaquiles: Dive into this delicious casserole, where crispy tortilla chips are smothered in a rich blend of cheese and cream, sprinkled with finely diced onions, and crowned with perfectly fried eggs. The layers of flavors and textures in this dish will have your taste buds dancing with delight.
  • Mexicano Ceviche: A vibrant burst of freshness awaits in this Mexicano ceviche. Succulent corvina fish is marinated in zesty lime juice, mingling with the ripest tomatoes, crimson red onions, fiery jalapeños, and fragrant cilantro. Every bite is a symphony of flavors!
  • Guacamole: The mother of classics. Creamy, lush, and utterly addictive, our guacamole is a celebration of ripe avocados at their finest. Mashed to perfection and blended with a harmonious medley of lime, and cilantro, it’s the ultimate dip to savor with pork rinds and corn chips.
  • Three Cheese Quesadilla: A cheese lover’s dream come true. Gouda, manchego, and mozzarella cheeses meld together in a harmonious blend, while caramelized onions and sweet corn add a touch of sweetness to each perfectly toasted, golden tortilla slice.
  • Cilantro Soup: A comforting bowl of cilantro-infused goodness, this soup boasts a tantalizing depth of flavor. The fragrant cilantro dances with other aromatic herbs, creating a warm, soothing broth that’s both invigorating and soul-soothing.
  • Black Bean Soup: Hearty and satisfying, our black bean soup is a celebration of earthy flavors. Velvety black beans come together with a symphony of spices, resulting in a robust, smoky bowl of goodness that will warm your heart and palate.
  • Flan de Queso: A traditional cheese flan with an exquisite texture, this dessert is a creamy masterpiece. Served with a decadent almond and raisin praline, each bite is a harmonious blend of sweet and nutty, leaving you with a heavenly aftertaste.

Dia de los Muertos is a beautiful tradition, that emphasizes the importance of remembering and celebrating the lives of those who have passed away. It is a time when families come together to honor their loved ones, create vivid ofrendas, and savor the flavors of traditional Mexican cuisine.

This celebration is a testament to the resilience of Mexican culture and the enduring connections between the living and the dead. We invite you to come celebrate with us and indulge in these delicious dishes as well as some classic drinks such as our Paloma Sour, Mula Fresca, and the timeless Margarita!