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SEPTEMBER 27th, 2022

A good ceviche is a balancing act: fish is marinated in things like leche de tigre (a citrus-based marinade), which cures the fish and cooks it without it being exposed to heat. The result is fish with an opaque appearance and firm texture. The seasonings that go into this popular South American dish are also fundamental, with onions, cilantro, and peppers being some of the classic options. The dish is usually served with fresh or chunky corn for crunch and variations of sweet potato, which play nicely with the more pronounced flavors.

Variations of the dish exist throughout Miami, with chefs regularly adding new twists to its preparations. Below are 12 restaurants in Miami that are serving up some top-notch ceviche options.

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SEPTEMBER 13th, 2022

Miami is known for its vibrant and dynamic Hispanic community; around 70 % of the city’s population identifies as Hispanic. For that reason, there is no better place to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month than in the Magic City while indulging in some fantastic restaurants. Whether it is Hispanic-owned or the food is Hispanic-inspired, below, you will find 12 restaurants to celebrate this special annual celebration.

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MAY 18th, 2022

This classic cocktail is the perfect nightcap to a meal. It is simple with a mix of coffee and booze, but can be made more elaborate. The possibilities are endless. In the search of the perfect espresso martini we came across 8 spots that really stood out from the rest!

You will want to check out all these restaurants for a great meal and some stellar after dinner drinks!

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JANUARY 4rd, 2021

Down in Coconut Grove, Jaguar Restaurant has the skinny on all things ceviche.

Chef Oscar del Rivero, Jaguar Restaurant: “The ceviche is really healthy. Fresh fish, fresh shrimp, no fats at all, and cured with lime juice, which is actually delicious, and plenty of vegetables.”

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JANUARY 18th, 2021

Chef Oscar Del Rivero has some of the healthier options you can get delivered from their Coconut Grove location right to your home.

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JULY 8th, 2021

Jaguar Restaurant offers the best Happy Hour in Coconut Grove called “Hora Jaguar”. It’s your perfect spot to hang out and unwind where you’ll find specialty cocktails for only $6 such as Caipirinha, Mojitos, Besos de Fresa, and Mule Fresa. You go to the Jaguar Restaurant for your favorite Margaritas! Don’t you? You can also enjoy during happy hour flavourful wells mix drinks like Flor de Caña (rum), New Amsterdam (Vodka and Gin), Jimador Silver (tequila), among others for only $6 as well.

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