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We are Jaguar

Jaguar Inspiration

In 2005, we opened our doors to the public with a unique offer for Miami’s culturally diverse community. Chef Oscar del Rivero has always been inspired by Miami’s mix of Latin American cultures. The traditional abundance that each culture brings to the table has provided Jaguar with a solid core that brings our concept together. It excites us to share this concept with our local community.

Located in the heart of Coconut Grove, we have been part of an evolving and lively community that continues to grow and keeps inviting people from every corner of the world, giving our mission a bigger purpose.

Our Menu

At Jaguar, we offer a variety of ways for our community to enjoy our cuisine. Our multiple menus provide different experiences for you to indulge in our culture. Whether you stop by for a chef-curated lunch menu, a hearty homestyle brunch on the weekends, or grab some LATAM street-food-inspired bites and fresh cocktails during Hora Jaguar, you can celebrate any occasion with your family and friends with our fully customizable menus tailored to your plans. You can also enjoy our classic and special dishes rich in tradition and heritage.

We are Jaguar, we are dedicated to inviting our guests to experience the warmth of Latin American hospitality, cultural richness, and vibrant flavors.

Mission and Goals

To have our family proudly share our roots with our community through authentic food, kind service, and good times in the comfort of our CASA.

Inspired by the jaguar’s broad presence across regions of the continent, we are committed to reaching and serving communities beyond our local neighborhood, offering a product and experience that’s valuable, distinct, and consistent.

Explore the variety of flavors