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Herbal and Floral: Unique Ingredients in Latin American Cocktails

When you visit one of the best Latin restaurants, you’ll find that the drinks will be just as pleasing as the meals on the menu. Many beverages are made with an array of herbal, floral, and other natural ingredients for refreshing sips. Here are some unique ingredients in Latin American cocktails.

Egg Whites

Have you ever had a Pisco Sour? It’s the national drink of Peru and is made with egg white, pisco, lime, sugar, and bitters. The Paloma sour also uses it in addition to tequila grapefruit, lime, agave, and pomp & whimsy.


Since many beverages feature citrus components, you need a good sweetener for balance. Luckily, instead of table sugar, many Latin American cocktails often feature the natural sweetener agave. When combined with tequila or Mezcal, it helps to bring out the flavor of these spirits. Agave comes from the blue agave plant, and you’re likely to taste it if you drink the popular margarita or Paloma.


This green citrus fruit is a staple in many classic and experimental drinks at the best Latin restaurants due to its tangy flavor. According to The Spirits Business, an international spirits magazine and website, the margarita topped Google searches for drinks in 30 countries in 2022, ranging from the USA to Australia to Vietnam. Enjoy some vitamin C with your beverage when you order a margarita, Costa Verde, Guayabera, Mule Fresca, Paloma Sour, and more.


There’s nothing like cool mint drinks on a hot summer day. That’s why many people enjoy kicking back with the Cuban Mojito, which features mint with rum, sugar, and soda water. Another popular option is the Mint Julep, which features bourbon, mint, and a simple syrup. Many other beverages may use mint as a garnish!

As you can see, the best Latin restaurants also have the best drinks. Therefore, whether you want to feast on tacos or ceviche, you have the option of pairing it with the ultimate cocktail or sitting down with friends and family for happy-hour drinks. Enjoy a refreshing range of natural flavors with several herbs and fruit when you visit our restaurant in Miami. Jaguar welcomes you and enjoys making custom cocktails and food that can help make your Miami experience worthwhile. Make a reservation today to sample the entire menu.