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How restaurants are improving tacos

You’ve likely heard about the taco revolution happening in cities across the country. Tacos have come a long way from the hard shells and ground beef many of us grew up with. Creative chefs are taking the humble taco to new heights, using high-quality ingredients and unique flavor combinations. This food trend is making its way to Coconut Grove, with several restaurants stepping up their taco game.

Trying New Fillings and Flavors

In the past, your taco-filling options were mostly limited to seasoned ground beef or shredded chicken. Nowadays, the tacos Coconut Grove loves are filled with all sorts of proteins, vegetables, and garnishes. From Korean barbecue steak to jerk chicken and even crispy duck, the fillings are truly diverse. Chefs are also getting adventurous with flavors, experimenting with fusion ingredients like kimchi, mango salsa, and avocado crema. You’d be surprised by the tasty fillings that can work with the right combo of warm tortilla, fresh veggies, and zesty sauce. According to Zippia, online reviews for restaurants are checked by 94% of patrons prior to going somewhere new, so be sure to check if your chosen restaurant has a variety of taco options.

Making Tortillas the Star

Pre-made tortillas from the grocery store can’t compare to the flavor and texture of freshly pressed masa. More and more often, the best taco joints are making their own corn and flour tortillas in-house. This extra step allows for more control over the thickness, size, and cooking time of each taco wrapper. At your favorite taqueria offering the tacos Coconut Grove adores, you may get to see the tortilla-making process firsthand. The cooks press balls of masa dough into thin rounds on a hot griddle before your eyes.

Crafting Creative Taco Presentations

In the past, tacos were served quite plainly on a plate or in a makeshift taco holder. Newer taco shops aim to make the presentation just as Instagram-worthy as the fillings. Some places in Coconut Grove are serving stunning stacked tacos on metal stands, while others opt for dramatic plating with artful garnishes. No longer are garnishes like shredded lettuce and diced tomato the only options. Now you can expect options like quick-pickled onions, pomegranate seeds, cilantro sprigs, and crumbled feta to take your taco presentation up a notch.

Thanks to places right in Coconut Grove, the days of boring ground beef tacos are over. Chefs are pushing the boundaries when it comes to flavors, fillings, and presentation – and we’re all benefiting. Next time you’re craving the tacos Coconut Grove relies on, branch out and try that new spot in your neighborhood. Visit our taco spot today and find out what sets ours apart from the rest.