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Top 5 misconceptions about Latin food

Mexican cuisine is divided into seven regions: central Mexico, the Bajio, the South, the South Pacific Coast, the North, the Gulf, and the North Pacific Coast. But when you think of the best Latin restaurants, you may be tempted to think about classic Tex-Mex food. In reality, your culinary options are quite diverse. Here are a few misconceptions about Latin food.

1. Latin food is Mexican food

The best Latin restaurants may serve Mexican food, but that is not the only type of Latin cuisine available. Look for restaurants whose menus feature dishes from outside of classic Tex-Mex fare. Top Latin restaurants will serve meals and desserts from all seven regions. You should expect to find something from Cuba, Argentina, and even Puerto Rico. The possibilities away from Mexican recipes are numerous, so be ready to give your taste buds a treat with variety when you visit Latin American restaurants in Miami.

2. The food is either spicy or made with tons of chili

A lot of Latin dishes will indeed have pepper, but not all pepper is hot. Some peppers such as bell are actually sweet while others are mild and nutty as opposed to spicy. You will also find the best Latin restaurants serving a lot of dishes that don’t have chili at all such as Arroz con pollo.

3. If it’s Latin, it has to be fried

There are lots of great tasting fried food served in the best Latin restaurants such as your favorite tacos, burritos, and empanadas, but this does not mean that all meals will come fried. A that’s highly rated Latin American restaurant will have a variety of both fried foods and one that uses just enough oil.

4. It must have some cheese

This is another common misconception. Dishes such as chili relleno will definitely have some cheese in the recipe, but not all meals will be drowning in melted cheese. Latin American cuisine is centered on simplicity with many dishes using locally available ingredients that don’t contain cheese. So, don’t be surprised when you visit a top Latin restaurant in Miami and miss cheese on the food you order.

5. Taco seasoning is the real deal

Contrary to popular belief, Latin meals favor natural fresh ingredients. In fact, what you find in the store will never be used in the best Latin restaurants. Instead, you will find the chef sprinkling chopped cilantro, smoked paprika, and ground black pepper and other authentic spices to make the food tasty.

If you want to have a taste of real Mexican food, visit a Latin American restaurant and order something other than tacos and burritos. You are sure to enjoy tasty entrees and desserts that will leave your taste buds craving more.