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Treat Yourself With a Lunch Special This Week

The midday slump hits and suddenly that sad desk salad is as unappealing as the overflowing inbox glaring back at you. Instead of forcing down another lackluster meal between meetings, take a break and indulge in a mini vacation with our tantalizing Latin American lunch specials this week. According to The Scramble, an online food and cooking outlet, Americans spend 50.3% of their food budget at restaurants compared to the 49.7% they spend shopping for groceries. Here are a few reasons that may sway you to save your groceries for another meal!

Indulge in Savory Tamales

When you need something warm and comforting, treat yourself to handmade tamales for lunch. These hearty bundles wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves and stuffed with well-seasoned meats, cheese, or veggies are quintessential Latin American comfort food. Savor slices of tender chicken or pork simmered in a tomato-chili sauce or rich mole paste layered with mushrooms, peppers, and herbs. As you peel back the wrapper and dig into the tender masa dough, breathe in the steamy aromas of ancho chiles, garlic, and spice-infused fillings. Let the complex flavors transport you as each masterfully-seasoned bite melts your stress away.

Refresh With Thirst-Quenching Aguas Frescas

Cool off mid-day with a cold glass of agua fresca, Latin America’s answer to sweet summer drinks. Made from real fruit, vegetables, seeds, or rice blended with water and sugar, flavors like strawberry, pineapple, cucumber-lime, or horchata will instantly refresh you. Sip these naturally vibrant drinks with your tamales or tacos and let the fresh fruit essences reenergize your senses. The sweetness cuts through salty and spicy flavors while hydrating your body. Both tangy and soothing, each cold glassful invites an afternoon siesta mood.

Finish With Cafe de Olla for an Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

As lunch hour winds down, revive your productivity with a warm cup of this classic Mexican coffee blended with spices and orange zest. Traditionally served from an earthen clay pot, this cozy, sweet coffee drink chases sluggishness away. Natural cinnamon and raw cane sugar lend comforting flavors. The hint of citrus aroma from orange rinds adds brightness. Savor this softly spiced caffeine treat as you catch your second wind, prepped to take on the rest of your work day with gusto. This is the perfect finale for a rich, recharging Latin American lunch.

No matter your week’s hectic pace, taking time to savor a thoughtfully prepared midday meal helps recharge your perspective. With artfully seasoned tamales, fresh tropical drinks, and softly spiced cafes, our Latin American lunch specials offer the ultimate flavor-fueled escape. Visit Jaguar today!