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Which cocktails should you get when going out with your friends?

Heading out with your friends to a Latin restaurant is a great way to catch up. The atmosphere is sophisticated yet relaxed, making it the perfect choice for a get-together. However, if you’re not used to ordering cocktails, you can find yourself staring at the menu for a little too long. These are some of the best cocktails to have with Latin meals.


This cocktail provides the perfect blend of flavors to tease your palette. Clementine and lime mixed with a hint of azucar make this cocktail ideal if you love a sweet drink. Azucar in English means sugar, so you’ll love this one.

Mexico Over Melon

Nothing is as refreshing as our Mexico Over Melon cocktail. According to Toast, the worldwide tequila market is expected to increase from $9.8 billion to $14.3 billion by 2028. However, if you’re not a tequila fan, we can make this one with mezcal. The refreshing taste of watermelon is ideal for a refreshing drink.

The Classics

While many customers love our Mexico Over Melon cocktail, you must remember the classics. Margaritas are always an excellent choice and pair well with any occasion. Mojitos are another classic choice that we offer. Enjoy the delicious taste of rum paired with lively lime to take your tastebuds to heaven instantly.

Coste Verde

Coste Verde is packed with flavors that pair flawlessly with Latin meals. Gin is carefully mixed with elderflower liquor for a unique combination. Hints of cucumber, pineapple juice, and lime make this drink a refreshing paradise. It combines tropical yet relaxing and refreshing flavors to help you enjoy the night’s ambiance.

Mula Fresca

Cocktails don’t have to be sweet, and we understand that. Mula Fresca takes your tastebuds in the opposite direction with the spicy flavor of ginger combined with lime, agave, and mezcal. If you’re not a fan of sweet or sugary drinks or dishes, this cocktail is what you want when you’re out with friends for a tasty meal.

Our carefully crafted cocktails are designed to pair with our delicious Latin meals. The Jaguar menu was curated to ensure something for everyone, even mocktails! Contact us today to learn more about our unique dishes and drinks. We are eager to serve your party soon!