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Why you should get dessert when dining at a Latin American restaurant

When you go out for a night of Latin American cuisine, you may be tempted to fill up on all the savory main dishes like empanadas, tacos, or enchiladas. However, no matter how full you are from enjoying those delightful foods from Latin America, be sure to save room for dessert. Here’s why!

The Unique Flavors

Latin American desserts offer flavors and textures you simply can’t find elsewhere. There are the sweet and custard-like flavors of foods from Latin America like flan, the rich sweetness of tres leches cake soaked in three kinds of milk, and the bright pop of tangy passion fruit mousse. Trying these unique sweets is part of fully experiencing Latin cuisine.

The Perfect Finale

Your meal at a Latin restaurant deserves the perfect sweet finale. After sampling various savory dishes, dessert cleanses your palate and ends your dining experience on a refreshing note with contrasting fruity, chocolatey, nutty, or creamy flavors. It’s the cherry on top that provides the most satisfying conclusion to a great meal of foods from Latin America. According to Toast, a popular restaurant platform, 53% of survey responders said that within the past day, they ate a dessert. Don’t miss out on trying a delightful dish prepared by professional chefs.

The Value

Latin American desserts give you excellent value for your money. For just a small price, you get to try multiple new and authentic sweets from countries like Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, and Cuba. It’s a tasty experience that won’t break the bank, making that dessert menu too good to resist during your night out.

The Celebratory Aspect

Whether you are out to dinner for your sibling’s birthday, your friend’s big promotion, or your and your partner’s anniversary, ordering a delectable dessert is the perfect way to celebrate. You can even show your loved one that you care by getting an assortment of sweet treats for the table!

The next time you visit your favorite empanada joint or taco bar, be sure to take a look at the dessert selections. Getting a tres leches cake, flan, or another Latin American sweet will enhance your dining experience. It will let you discover new flavors and give your meal the satisfying grand finale it deserves. If you’re looking to try out some foods from Latin America, visit Jaguar today.