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Delicious desserts to try at a Latin Cuisine restaurant

When folks think of the typical Latin cuisine restaurant, their mind’s eye may first be drawn to savory foods, like tacos and carne asada. However, Latin desserts can certainly be a sweet surprise. If you’re looking to tickle your sweet tooth, you should consider checking out some famous desserts. Don’t feel guilty about satisfying your sweet tooth either. Restaurant platform Toast found that more than half of survey responders had enjoyed a dessert within the past day, so you’re not alone.

Creamy Caramel Flan

Flan is a mainstay in many parts of Latin America. If you’re a fan of vanilla and caramel, flan should be on your short list of desserts to try. While flan is somewhat simple to make, it’s hard to match the quality offered by a top-notch Latin restaurant.

Tres Leches Cake

“Tres leches” translates to “three milks,” and as you may have guessed, three different kinds of milk are used to craft this fine dessert. Specifically, most recipes use a mix of cream, condensed milk, and evaporated milk. This results in an airy and sweet cake. Consider topping with fruit like strawberries. You can also find margarita tres leches cakes at a Latin cuisine restaurant, which uses key lime juice and tequila.


Concha is a Mexican sweet bread and is a popular option for breakfast. That said, it can also serve as a great after-dinner dessert. You can top these sweetbreads with a variety of frostings and other toppings.


It’s hard to beat churros. These are fried cinnamon sugar sticks that are especially tasty when they’re fresh. They’re also a great finger snack for potlucks and the like.


Popular in Mexico, sopaipillas are essentially crispy fried dough pillows. They pair well with spicy foods. Feel free to coat them with powdered sugar or consider topping them with honey.

Mexican Hot Chocolate

Looking for something a bit less sweet? Mexican hot chocolate typically uses less sugar, and compared to hot chocolate drinks from other countries, isn’t as sweet. It’s a great option for chilly winter and autumn days.

Arroz con Leche

This dish actually originated in Spain but is now common across Latin America. A rice pudding, this dish is both sweet and filling. Often, you’ll find that various locales put their own unique twist on the recipes.

Want to try some of the best desserts a Latin cuisine restaurant can offer? We know how to satisfy practically any sweet tooth. If you’ve got a craving, you should stop by and indulge.