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How to find the best restaurants for your palate

There are so many restaurants that finding the best ones can feel like finding needles in haystacks. Fortunately, folks looking to enjoy a good meal can leverage a variety of tools and resources to narrow down their choices. Whether you’re looking for the best Latin American cuisine in town or are opining for sushi, with the right approach you can separate the chaff from the wheat and find the best restaurants.

Start with your favorite search engine

You can type keywords into Google or Bing and pull up nearby restaurants. For example, you might search for the best burgers in Chicago or the best restaurants serving Mexican food in Atlanta. Often, you can find reviews for establishments right on the search results page. Make sure you include specific plates you’re looking for when searching.

Check out Social Media sites

Websites like Yelp and Facebook allow patrons to post reviews for restaurants. You may also find search tools that will let you narrow down choices by cuisine type. For example, you can filter results so that you’re only presented with say Latin or vegan restaurants. Then you can read through the customer reviews to get an idea of what other people thought. According to Zippia, 94% of patrons check a restaurant’s reviews online before going.

Pay attention to community magazines

Your community may be served by a local magazine or newspaper. If so, you might find reviews of local restaurants and other businesses. Checking out community resources can help you discover places that might otherwise fly under the radar.

Ask friends and family

Your coworkers, friends, family, and other associates may be able to provide good recommendations. If you know someone who loves Mexican food, and you’re looking for a great Latin restaurant, you could ask him or her for recommendations. Of course, make sure you share your favorite spots with other people when appropriate.

Look for deals

You might be able to find coupons for restaurants you’re interested in trying. If you find some great deals, you might even take a gamble on a restaurant that you’re not sure about. Even if the food ends up being subpar, you likely won’t be out much money.

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