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What Latin American Dishes Pair Best With a Margarita?

You sit down in our rustic dining room, greeted by the sweet citrusy aroma of our house-blend margaritas, cooled to perfection. As you peruse our vibrant Latin-inspired menu packed with tacos, enchiladas, tostones, and more, you wonder: which of these delicious Latin American dishes will create the ultimate flavor pairing with my margarita? Read on for our expert recommendations on constructing a stellar companion meal.

Start With Our Hawaiian Ceviche for Zesty Contrast

For a bright, lively complement to your margarita’s sweetness, order our ceviche tres colours: whitefish, salmon, and shrimp cured in lime with mango, jicama, and avocado. This popular Latin appetizer offers an invigorating mix of citrus-marinated seafood, contrasted by crisp veggies. As you sip your margarita, the sweet orange flavor mingles deliciously with the ceviche’s tart lime notes. Plus, your cocktail’s slight saltiness balances the dish’s chili pepper spice.

Continue With Handmade Tortilla Tacos

No Latin American dishes complement margaritas quite like our tacos filled with juicy carnitas, spicy chorizo, or citrusy baja fish. One bite together with a swill of that cool, herbaceous cocktail will transport your tastebuds straight to flavor paradise. The drink’s bright notes cut through the tacos’ richness for the ultimate pairing. Alternate between our two handheld specialties and let the sweet, salty, and tangy fireworks begin!

Enjoy Chicharrones Fried to Crispy Perfection

Additionally, we recommend pairing our house margaritas with crunchy, crackling chicharrones. These fried pork rinds get sprinkled with lime juice and chili powder for the ultimate salty, savory, and citrusy complement to your drink’s flavor profile. The bright tartness of the juice cutting through the unctuous chicharrones makes a perfect match. As you alternate bites of crispy fried pork with sips of your smooth, herbaceous cocktail, we promise the textures and tastes will delight your palate.

Finish With Churro Bites and Dulce de Leche

Finally, cap off your Latin feast by dipping piping hot, cinnamon-sugar churros into velvety dulce de leche sauce alongside the remains of your margarita. The interplay of sweet fried dough, caramelized milk flavors, and tangy, salty remnants is delicious. You’ll crave more sip-and-bite duos as citrus acids balance creamy, spiced dessert notes.

According to The Spirits Business, in 1938, the margarita was created. With thoughtfully composed margarita-friendly Latin plates emphasizing fresh flavors and contrasting textures, our menu lets you easily construct a dynamic meal. Raise your glass; it’s time for a fiesta of compatible, craveable sensationalism on your tastebuds! Visit Jaguar to pair a delicious margarita with some of our tasty Latin American dishes today.