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The healthy side of elegant Latin American cuisine

After a fabulous day of sightseeing in the glorious setting of South Florida, it’s now time to select a place to have dinner. Naturally, an elegant, upscale restaurant would be perfect! And add to that idea an establishment that specializes in delicious Latin American food, and the evening is sure to be spectacular. With its foundations in ancient civilizations, Latin American cuisine is filled with delicious, and healthy, foods. Here’s a look at some of the healthy ingredients that you’ll find as integral elements of an elegant Latin American restaurant Miami menu.


This small, glistening berry is loaded with protein, making it a star of Latin American cuisine. It grows in Brazil is harvested twice a year. It’s a delicious source of pure energy! Enjoy it as a smoothie, energy drink, or as a juice.


In powder form, maca has been called “the superfood of the Andes.” The ancient Peruvians used the powder they ground from this nutty-tasting root to help build stamina and develop energy and strength. Its curative properties are legendary and the powder is often used in smoothies. But it is used in other ways, also. For instance, while you are in one of the top Latin restaurants in Miami waiting for your appetizers, the freshly-baked bread you’re enjoying in your Latin America restaurant Miami may have Maca powder as one of its ingredients.


Oh, the sweet and plentiful fruit of Peru! This fabulously-flavored fruit has a taste that has been compared to those of sweet potatoes and maple products. What makes it such a beneficial and cherished ingredient in Latin American cuisine is that it is a low-sugar sweetener. It is rich in calcium, beta-carotene, and iron.

Sacha Inchi

Resembling the humble peanut, these seeds are actually powerhouses! They are filled with positive, nutritional benefits. For example, sacha inchi seeds are loaded with vitamins A and E, iodine, and are very high sources of omega-3 and omega 6. Sprinkle them on your side dishes and enjoy!


With approximately 20 times the vitamin C that is contained in the average orange, plus antioxidants, pichuberry is the epitome of the adage “good things come in small packages.” Researchers have found that one benefit of the pichuberry is that it delays the aging process in cells. This is a possible cancer-preventing benefit! No wonder this little “Inca berry” has also been referred to as the fruit of life!

Why is your experience in a Latin America restaurant Miami bound to be incredibly interesting and unforgettable? It’s because Latin American cuisine is colorful, fragrant, nutritious, delicious, exotic, and above all, elegant. It is experiencing incredible growth in popularity, too. In fact, between 2015 and 2017 there was an 11% growth rate overall in the specialty food industry.

So the next time you are thinking about going to the top Latin restaurants, or you’re asking yourself “where is there a ceviche restaurant near me?“, be assured that when you visit an elegant establishment such as a Latin America restaurant Miami, you will experience gourmet dining with an elegance — and a healthy glow — that you will remember forever!