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The Ultimate Guide to Latin American Sauces and Marinades

Latin American dishes are known for bringing plenty of decadent culinary delights to restaurants all over the world. They bring the zesty flavors of Mexico and bold spices into the hearts and mouths of everyone. This cuisine remains a favorite worldwide, but if you’re new to it, this guide is for you. Let’s review the most popular sauces and marinades in Latin America.

Salsa Verde

This green sauce brings plenty of spice to every dish. Jalapeno peppers mingle with serrano peppers to create all the spice you’ll need. Bold spices like garlic and onions tease your tastebuds while cilantro slightly tones it. You’ll find this green sauce on tacos, as a side dish for tortilla chips, and drizzled over your favorite meats.


Tone down the spice with this tangy sauce. It’s packed with fresh ingredients like parsley and oregano. Red wine brings a hint of flavor, while a splash of red pepper flakes adds a touch of spice. Olive oil combines all the flavors to create the perfect spice to drizzle over grilled meats or fish.

Salsa Roja

This robust red sauce has a hint of spiciness, making it perfect for those who don’t love eating jalapeno peppers as a snack. Tomatoes and chili peppers create the ideal flavor profile, while a drizzle of lime juice brings the ultimate combination of flavors to every dish. Red sauce is commonly seen on burritos and tacos. You’ll also find red sauce drizzled over grilled meats, and it tastes delicious on top of fish.

Mojo Marinade

Mojo is a classic marinade used in Latin American dishes. The tangy flavors bring the zest of Mexican citrus flavors to every dish. This marinade is typically used for meat, pork, and fish. Dishes are soaked in the marinade before they are put on the grill to infuse every inch of the dish with the citrus notes of orange and lime juice. It’s common to find a dash of garlic, olive oil, and cumin in this marinade.

According to Restaurant Business Magazine, 75% say that the combination of ingredients, seasonings, and sauces in a restaurant meal appeals to them most. Our Latin American dishes utilize delicious sauces and marinades that will surely impress you! Make a reservation by contacting our team at Jaguar today.